Customer Relations Representative

We are looking for Employees who are responsible for overseeing all aspects of customer interaction to ensure that we are providing the best level of customer service possible.

• Provide the highest level of customer service

• Compile accurate and professional information and present them to customers in a low-pressure, professional, and effective manner

• Resolve customer complaints quickly and effectively

• Utilize tools and processes provided on a consistent basis

• Complete training quickly to ensure compliance with training standards

• Learn necessary processes and paperwork required by the manufacturer and ensures that they are completed, when necessary.

• Handle high levels of stress in a healthy manner while still creating a fun environment for the customer and fellow co-workers.


• High energy level

• Empathetic personality

• Self-motivated

• Organized

• Competitive

• Motivated by providing the best experience possible

• High level of time-management

• Trustworthy

Must be able to pass a background check and drug screen.

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